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  • Member of Professional Writers Association of Canada (PWAC)

  • Non-fiction, Newspaper Columnist, Editing


Many years ago I was the ghost writer on a full-length book – back in the days when “cut and paste” literally involved scissors and tape. Today’s methods are so much easier and not the least bit messy.

But the purpose of writing hasn’t changed, and that’s where I might be able to help you.

On behalf of clients and employers I have worked on technical manuals, self-directed learning materials, master’s and doctoral dissertations and full-length books. I love the challenge of increasing readability and simplifying language. (And finding those pesky typos that others have overlooked.)

For a sample of some of my own published essays here are a few links from the Guelph Mercury’s “Personal Journey” column. For more, try searching “Jaellayna Guelph” and see what you might find, as they do change from time to time.

Gems from Travel

Coffee and Kindness to All

What I Learned from My Hydrangea

Wisdom Requires Maturity

In Planning for Life, We Are Living Life

I love to write - and I also love to read. Here are some of my favourite quotations about teaching/learning.


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