Feedback from Clients

Unsolicited and always appreciated -- here are some of the many written comments I've received.


  • I appreciated your ability to quickly understand the issues facing us, to work effectively with senior management and other employees, and to build rapport.
    -- Director of Employee Services

  • I have worked with you on a number of occasions, sometimes closely, and you have helped me to see things that I never would have considered previously. You are a specialist in adult education theory AND project management; moreover, you combine a wealth of experience with a genuinely humane approach.
    -- University Teaching Specialist

  • Every aspect of UID just feels so right, and your wonderful introduction to it helped reaffirm for me what a pleasure it is to be working in this business.
    -- University Counsellor

  • It should be noted that since we are an international organization with staff from over 60 countries, you had to adjust to a variety of backgrounds, personalities and levels of understanding.
    -- Department Manager

  • You have shown comfort and skills in dealing with all levels of the organization from our outside workers through to senior administration.
    -- Management Information Systems, Municipality

  • You are absolutely reliable, trustworthy, honest and truthful. Your attitude towards new tasks is refreshingly positive. Your experience and expertise make you extremely valuable in work that requires insight, leadership, initiative and persistence.
    -- Information System Services Manager, Multi-National Non-Profit Organization

  • You are indeed one of our teaching treasures! You are not only knowledgeable in your areas of expertise, but you also practice good adult education principles in the classroom.
    -- Director of Continuing Education, Community College

  • I was particularly impressed by the artistry in combining discussion, demonstration, use of overheads and slide presentations.
    -- Lawyer in private practice

  • We found you and you training skills to be upbeat, humourous, informative and very helpful. You kept things simple and easy to understand.
    -- Manager,Information Processing

  • I liked the classroom environment, and people could speak freely. Clear, precise explanations. Lots of enthusiasm.
    -- Workshop Participant

  • I have found you to be a wealth of knowledge and inspiration at every class. You know how to blend lessons with humour to find the perfect balance.
    -- Corporate Benefit Analyst

  • You were patient with those uninitiated in technology, imparting a sense of discovery in computers; were adaptable in your presentations, allowing the students to absorb the technical knowledge in their own ways; created an open atmosphere for learning; were cooperative in working with a great diversity of people; and always made your training materials relevant to the needs of the students.
    -- Executive Secretary, Information Systems Management Group

  • I found you an excellent listener, culturally sensitive, always encouraging, respectful of my time, and having an unusually good ability to speak English to me rather than the "computerese" I have had to struggle with with other consultants.
    -- Magazine Publisher

  • I enjoyed what you had to say and I also enjoyed your approach. One does not have to be stuffy or condescending to get one’s point across.
    -- Program Chair, Professional Realty Organization

  • Many thanks for your expert presentation. We thoroughly enjoyed your down-to-earth teaching.
    -- Participants in Hands-on Computer Class

  • Excellent in responding to individual questions and very knowledgeable.
    -- Community College Faculty Member

  • Thanks again for all your fantastic work on these courses! You help us make a truly wonderful product.
    -- Project Manager, University Distance Education Department




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