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Consultant, Educational Projects

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On a break at the Quality Matters Annual Conference ("Hamburger University", Chicago)


  • Distance Education, Curriculum Design, Project Management

  • Universal Instructional Design, Quality Standards, Effective Teaching Practices

  • Clients in Higher Education, Government, Non-Profits and Industry


I recently heard someone say that his employer does not like the title "consultant". So if you are the same way, please consider it as a label for "external resource" or whatever phrase you might prefer. Let's not let a word get in the way of our working together

From this perspective - someone from the outside with specific expertise - I have worked with organizations in Canada and the United States, always emphasizing the achievement of authentic results. What does this mean? Excellence in both qualitative and quantitative terms. Most of my work has focused on educational projects for the adult learner. Just to highlight a few examples:

  • Universal Instructional Design, University of Guelph (Ontario)

    Funded by the Ontario Government, I served as Project Manager for this 2 year project. It began with articulating principles of universal design for higher education and then applying the principles to selected courses within the university. Working with a research assistant and through instruments and methods that included surveys, interviews and focus groups, we measured the impact of changes in course materials and presentation techniqes.

    Due to the tremendous interest in this work - especially among people working with disabled students - I found myself traveling across North America giving presentations and conducting practical workshops. The work now continues in Barcelona, where materials have been translated into Spanish and are in current use at colleges there. More information

  • 4MAT (tm)

This learner-centric system emphasizes learner diversity and the application of brain research to enhance student learning and success. I have had extensive formal training in the use of this approach, and it guides me in the design of learning activities and materials. More information

  • Quality Matters

Working with the Quality Matters standards and scoring system ("rubric") at an institutional level, I launched an internal project to promote quality standards within Distance Education courses. More information

  • Ontario Agricultural Training Institute (OATI)

    Working together over a period of several years, we adapted face-to-face workshops and professional development events to a web-based format.
    Though OATI itself no longer exists, our work is in use by other offices of the Ontario Government.


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